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Pressure transducers

Gefran's industrial pressure transmitters are designed for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases in industrial process lines. Also manufactured in ATEX design for high-hazard zones.

With highly stable component electronics, the pressure sensors can be used in applications requiring long-distance signal transmission or in intelligent system control.

Pressure transmitters are mainly designed for measuring pressure in oil, air and hydraulic circuits. They can also be used in technical and process measurement, as well as for compressors, presses and construction machinery.

Wide selection of pressure transmitters

Special and high-precision application models are available, including for use in particularly harsh conditions and demanding environments such as mobile devices. The TPF/TPFADA series offers state-of-the-art technology with a highly durable front measuring diaphragm. This makes the product suitable for measuring pressure in very dense and aggressive fluids.

In addition, the new TPFAS series introduces new miniaturized diaphragms up to Ø 8.6 mm. They are the smallest of their kind on the market. The TPH/TPHADA series, with its monolithic measuring diaphragm, is the ideal product for measuring very high pressures, up to 5000 bar.


State-of-the-art measurement technology in pressure measurement sensors

Using the screen-printing technique, insulating layers (dielectric), conductive layer (cermet) and resistive layer are deposited on a steel membrane, forming a "Wheatstone bridge." The thickness of the membrane determines the measurement range, and the gradual transition from 200°C to 900°C makes the sensor very robust and reliable.

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