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Biogas cogeneration

Biogas cogeneration

Biogas produced during the biological conversion of biomass is a very attractive energy carrier for the cogeneration unit, particularly when the methane content is high (at 40÷70%). The intensification of biogas production takes place wherever large quantities of biomass, or a constant supply of organic compounds, can provide a breeding ground for methane bacteria under anaerobic conditions.

Biogas-based cogeneration is particularly viable where a renewable, practically free energy carrier is available, namely in wastewater treatment plants, municipal landfills or appropriately targeted agro-industrial farms. The use of biogas to produce electricity and heat for sale can provide a valuable source of income for many businesses.

Gas Cogeneration

Combined heat and power management based on conventional gas fuels is implemented primarily in industry and public facilities (hospitals, sports centres, offices).

In the case of a simultaneous demand for heat and electricity and a targeted increase in the reliability of the energy supply, a gas-fired CHP unit guarantees the consumer an extremely high degree of efficiency in both economic and technical terms and in terms of the environment.

CHP systems are also widely used as decentralised energy sources for local thermal power plants.

CES is the leading company in gas cogeneration in Poland

We were the first to promote and implement this technology in our country. Today, we have more than 146 implementations based on gas co-generators in various sectors.

We take an individual approach to each realisation; we do not offer ready-made solutions, as the specifics of each facility are different. Only after gaining an understanding of the customer's needs and the characteristics of the plant do we select the most optimal solution that will bring tangible benefits to the user.

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