Kogeneracja, zasilacze UPS, falowniki, soft-starty

Generator service

Scope of activity of CES generator service

  • installation and commissioning of generators based on Iveco, Lomardini, Volvo, Perkins engines
  • service of generators
  • maintenance of generators
  • repair of generators
  • operation and maintenance training for users

Why it's so important to choose the right aggregate service

Choosing the right service is a guarantee of good operation of the generator set. Our service technicians have many years of experience in the installation, service and repair of generators. We also carry out periodic inspections of generators, change oil.

Particularly noteworthy are cogeneration systems, where our service can boast several years of experience. This experience is supported by training with suppliers and obtaining authorization. Cooperation with the power electronics department in the installation of cogeneration systems and the development of overall automation, control and visualization gives great results, contributing to finding and implementing modern solutions, dedicated to a specific application.

A collaboration between the genset and power electronics departments has been developed

  • A special station for testing control solutions for cogeneration systems, allowing the simulation of parallel operation of generators.
  • A control system for parallel operation of MWM generators, allowing them to switch to island operation and return to grid operation without interruption of power to the equipment.

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