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Cogeneration CHP

What cogeneration is

Cogeneration is the combined production of electricity and heat. Such a simultaneous production of electricity and heat is more effective and has a higher efficiency than the traditional, separate production of these media.

Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej is a leading company in the field of cogeneration systems in Poland. We already have almost 150 cogeneration units that supply energy and heat to plants in various industries: dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beer and processing. Our CHP also works well at sewage treatment plants, heating plants, landfills.

What a complete CHP system consists of

  1. An emergency cooling system.
  2. A fuel-air mixture cooling system.
  3. Process heat collection of the CHP unit.
  4. Ventilation of the CHP unit.
  5. A chimney with silencer for the discharge of flue gases.
  6. Gas supply line.
  7. Active gas detection system.
  8. Oil installation.
  9. Control cabinet for engine parameters; control and synchronisation cabinet for grid cooperation, generator operation, auxiliary drives, energy cabinet with circuit breaker.

Customer-specific cogeneration solutions

Depending on the customer's needs, our CHP units can implement various operating options: adjusting the output according to the electricity or heat consumption, operating in parallel with the grid or in isolated mode. Some of the options require adaptation at the production stage, so it is worth discussing the technical details with our specialist.

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