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Biogas tanks

Biogas tanks are an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for pressure stabilization and storage of biogas generated from the fermentation of various types of organic waste.

With the growing demand for sustainability and renewable energy, biogas tanks are becoming an indispensable component of biogas plant equipment in the agricultural, municipal and industrial sectors.

We offer high-quality biogas tanks that provide safety, reliability, and at the same time allow flexibility and customization for each customer.

2-membrane tanks characteristics

They are made of high-quality polyester fiber membranes resistant to aggressive environments. The membranes are coated with PVC on both sides, have resistance to UV rays, microbiological exposure, abrasion, and have a high class of fire resistance.

Biogas tanks come as independent, free-standing structures set on a foundation, or are built on top of existing concrete or steel tanks, in which case they also serve as a roof.

Solutions are available in the shape of a hemisphere or ¾ of a sphere.

Standard equipment of the 2-membrane biogas tank

  • A complete system for attaching membranes to the foundation made of stainless steel
  • System for maintaining pressure in the tank, which includes ATEX air blowers
  • Tank fill level sensor
  • Viewfinder with stainless steel flange and acrylic glass window
  • Air valve to regulate tank pressure
  • Hydraulic safety valve made of stainless steel

Advantages of membrane biogas tanks

  • Low start-up and maintenance costs. The biogas tank is fully automated and requires no maintenance beyond a simple visual inspection. A special electronic sensor provides continuous measurement of the tank's fill level, sending relevant information to the customer's master system
  • Biogas tanks are made in accordance with the quality standards of the standards. All construction materials are thoroughly tested before use to ensure our products have long-lasting trouble-free performance
  • Membrane tank chambers are made of biogas-resistant polyester fiber-reinforced materials coated with PVC on both sides. Special additives make the membranes highly resistant to UV radiation, weathering, and the destructive effects of microorganisms, while ensuring high tightness of the coating
  • Short installation time: thanks to our technology and the skill and efficiency of our engineers, we can provide, under standard conditions (after the construction work is completed), the complete installation and test of the biogas tank within a few working days
  • A pressure-controlled air supply system, combined with air valves, ensures constant biogas pressure throughout the tank filling and emptying cycle

We offer various types of biogas tanks with different capacities and dimensions, which makes it possible to tailor the product to the individual needs of each customer. Biogas tanks are available as independent, free-standing objects placed on a foundation, or are built on top of existing concrete or steel tanks, then also fulfilling the function of the roof.

We provide a comprehensive service, from technical advice, through the installation and commissioning of tanks, to service and maintenance. Our company is characterized by an individual approach to each customer and professionalism, which translates into the satisfaction and trust of our contractors.

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and assure you that our biogas tanks are the best solution for anyone looking for reliable and effective tools for biogas storage and processing.

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