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Gas analysers and detectors

Gas analyzers and detectors

Integrated Measurement Systems (IMC) are used for monitoring gas concentrations in "closed" (isolated) processes, in hard-to-reach or completely inaccessible zones.

The IMC is housed in a compact enclosure and is a combination of all the necessary components - from the sampling of the test gas and the measuring head, to the components that process all the signals.

The modular design of the IMC, allows it to be easily adapted to different applications such as measuring gas from landfills or wastewater treatment plants.



  • Compact wall-mountable housing, structurally allowing easy operation and maintenance
  • Up to 8 or 4 measuring heads as standard, the distribution of measuring head inputs for analysis including sampling and preparation of test gas as well as ambient air control is freely selectable
  • Processing and display of measurement results and status messages as well as control of sampling and test gas preparation via control panels of the ET-8D2 or ET-4D2 series
  • Integrated power supply 230 V AC / 24 V DC, 120 W
  • Gas suction pump (suction distance up to 50m hose length)
  • Electronic gas flow meter
  • Moisture trapping device with manual condensate removal
  • Hoses: PE/PP
  • Solenoid valve for switching from test gas to test gas
  • 2 fans with monitored speed
  • Eight or four 4-20 mA outputs
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