Kogeneracja, zasilacze UPS, falowniki, soft-starty


CES service quality

Our service team are experts with technical preparation and vast experience. It is their efficient operation and high quality of assembly and maintenance services that result in the success of orders, and the fact that another satisfied customer joins the ranks of Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej, appreciating our professionalism and individual approach to each subject.

The service department of our company consists primarily of people with a passion, for whom this hard work is still fascinating. It is our policy to successfully complete all tasks entrusted to us, although it should be noted that these tasks are often very complex and require analysis of the operation of the entire system in order to fit a new device to it or repair a fault and find its cause - so that such failures do not occur again in the future. The installation of new equipment is another field of activity for our service department, which develops and implements modern, proprietary solutions.

We can boast of great success in the development of cogeneration plants, where an important element is the creation of software to control many processes associated with the operation of the facility.

We look forward to working with you!

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