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Emergency power supply

Why is an uninterruptible power supply so important?

Emergency power supply become very important where even a momentary power cut can have fatal consequences, such as in hospitals, data centres or server rooms. While in the case of the latter, a power failure can have very serious business consequences, in the case of hospitals, human lives are at stake. Emergency power systems CES is a wide range of top-quality online UPS, as well as generators.

How do I choose the right UPS?

When selecting a UPS, we should take into account the power of the device that is to work with the UPS, and when it will be several devices - their powers should be added together. It is very important to pay attention to the active and reactive power parameters of both the UPS and the devices connected to it. When making the calculation, it is also worth taking into account a reserve, so that the power of the UPS does not prove to be insufficient. If you are planning to expand your equipment, you should also take this into account. The best thing to do at the planning stage is to contact a UPS specialist who can help you find the right UPS, taking into account other factors such as the operating conditions of the equipment. This will allow the best UPS to be selected from the many available on the market. And the owner will be able to enjoy the power supply purchased, meeting all requirements and parameters.

We offer sales, selection of UPS, units, professional service of UPS devices, warranty and post-warranty inspections of power generators.

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