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Gas cogeneration

Cogegeneration systems we offer, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, are primarily based on combustion engine-driven generators powered by conventional gaseous fuels (e.g. natural gas, propane), gas generated from the de-methanisation of mines (mine gas), as well as specialty gases.

The gas-fired CHP with a reciprocating engine coupled to a synchronous generator and equipped with a series of heat exchangers, has multi-system fittings and a microprocessor-based control and regulation system. Depending on the user's requirements, the CHP modules can be equipped with sound-absorbing, indoor or containerised enclosures, noise dampers on the flue gas and air outlet, as well as a master control cabinet to enable monitoring and visualisation of the CHP system's operating parameters.

CES offers CHP units in the power range from 50kW to 3MW, the water heating system is suitable for low-parameter boiler rooms (90/70ºC) or 100/80ºC.

What is the essence of cogeneration?

The essence of cogeneration is the possibility of obtaining electricity without wasting almost 50% of the primary energy contained in gas (compared to separate production of electricity and heat). For industrial plants, factories, heating plants, hospitals and sports centres, we recommend electricity and heat production based on natural gas. The high quality of this fuel makes it possible to achieve the highest efficiency in the conversion of chemical energy into electricity and heat, while limiting CO2 emissions.

The clean, blue fuel is a valued alternative to other fossil fuels. Given their limited resources and rising prices, efficient use of fuels is the most important direction for the development of the modern energy industry. Hence, all cogeneration solutions are receiving a lot of attention - as a favourable alternative to separate methods of producing electricity and heat.

Importance of efficiency and availability in CHP systems

When designing a system using cogeneration, particular emphasis is placed on the economical use of gaseous fuel, so that the savings from in-house energy production are maximised. The parameter of high electrical efficiency is crucial, which is why the CHP modules we offer have very high electrical efficiency and are additionally equipped with dedicated solutions to provide thermal energy in the form of heating water, process steam or cooling.

Optimum heat management is a very important part of the overall system. Another important feature is the availability of the gas CHP, understood as the number of operating hours per year. This is closely dependent on the number of inspections, the timing of the inspections and, above all, the stability of system operation. The use of reliable CHP equipment, manufactured by reputable manufacturers, is of fundamental importance here.


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