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UPS service

Scope of activities of UPS service

  • installation, commissioning, service of Riello and CES UPS
  • inspections, maintenance, repairs of Riello UPS and CES UPS
  • training on operation and maintenance

Why is it so important to choose the right UPS service?

The need to provide power for vital and important electrical equipment in a company is a challenge for any user of such equipment. The decision to purchase a UPS is followed by its commissioning and operation process.

Our service technicians are specialists with many years of experience, enriched by ongoing training at the manufacturer, ready to share their skills and knowledge regarding:

  • principles of proper operation of UPS,
  • ways to eliminate potential risks,
  • implementation of solutions in response to changes already arising during the operation of the facility.

All of our activities are geared toward one goal - reliability and dependability in the delivery of power over the lifetime of UPS units.


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