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Low-voltage standoff insulators

Indoor support insulators are used for fixing rails in low-voltage electrical apparatus and equipment. They can be used in high ambient temperatures, corrosive environments, and in areas subject to vibration.

They are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester. In the axis of each insulator there are two threaded bushings made of galvanized, corrosion-resistant steel. Insulators can be equipped with one or two threaded mounting studs

Available types of low-voltage insulators

  • Barrel D
  • Barrel DB/P
  • Hexagonal H
  • Hexagonal HH
  • Cylindrical with hexagonal base RH
  • Cylindrical, hexagonal CO/P
  • Cylindrical, hexagonal CS/P
  • Cylindrical, hexagonal CT/P
  • Cylindrical, hexagonal, CPE
  • Cylindrical CY

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