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Trigeneration consists of two main pieces of equipment, which are the heart of the entire system: the cogeneration module and the absorption chiller (also referred to as an absorption chiller). In trigeneration, process steam can also be used as a third medium.

The electricity generated by the CHP module is consumed for the facility's own use or, in the event of excess production, is sold back to the grid. The thermal energy produced in the form of hot water is used in the winter season for heating (central heating + hot water) and in the summer season is used to power the chiller. An important feature of absorption chillers is their long service life (approx. 20 years) and low electricity consumption. A chiller with a cooling capacity of 230 kW requires 2.5 kW of electrical power (only for the circulating pump).

Trigeneration - operating principle

The operating principle is based on a series of thermodynamic transformations. The heat supplied by the cogeneration module is used to feed the chiller brewer, where water is evaporated from a LiBr (Lithium Bromide) solution. The lithium bromide acts as an absorbent, it is thanks to it that near-vacuum conditions (0.8 kPa) are produced in which water boils at 4'C, enabling the production of ice water.

The chilled water produced is channeled into an air-conditioning system that maintains adequate comfort in offices and meeting rooms.

In 2008, Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej installed the first trigeneration system in Poland, working for the office building of gas company ZG Rzeszów.

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