Kogeneracja, zasilacze UPS, falowniki, soft-starty

Power electronics service

Scope of activity

  • Installation and commissioning: WEG (Gefran) inverters, Solcon-IGEL (Solcon) soft-starts, Riello UPS and CES UPS. We have experience in implementing new equipment into an existing system, which is often the case with inverters. This requires service technicians to understand the philosophy of the system, to familiarize themselves with the design and functions of the device that has worked so far, and to work out how to link the device to the old system. The next step is to program the inverter so that it is seen by the user's system in exactly the same way as the previously operating device.
  • Repair of power electronic equipment. Often malfunctions have their origin in the way the user operates the device or the specifics of the related system components that are repaired. As a rule, we do not limit ourselves to the removal of the malfunction itself, but analyze its cause and provide customers with support in finding and eliminating the cause of the malfunction.
  • Development and implementation of new solutions. In this regard, our activities include developing the idea of a new device or system, making the design, supervising the implementation of the device, and, in the case of smaller devices, building the device ourselves, performing tests and launching the device.
  • Inverter, soft-start service training for users
  • Service of inverters, service of soft-starts

The most important achievements of recent years

  • Development of a system to start an 800kW asynchronous motor using an inverter.
  • Development of two control systems for the treatment sludge disintegration unit
  • Development of an in-house control panel for monitoring UPS and generators
  • Developing a system that allows a synchronous alternator to be correctly and safely connected to a rigid network. This solution has been sold in many units
  • Development of a system to control parallel operation of MWM generators, allowing switching to island operation and returning to grid operation without interruption of power to the equipment
  • Development of software to control many processes related to the operation of the facility with the installed cogeneration sysytem, and often the creation of software to visualize SCADA processes operating at the facility. The systems we build are reliable.

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