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Alloy pressure sensors

Sensors designed to measure melt pressure in the process of extrusion of plastic mass in extruders. They make it possible to measure continuously and monitor the entire technological process. Gefran is the world leader in the production of sensors of this type and at the same time guarantees their quality and accuracy.

The principle of operation of the "Impact" series of alloy pressure transmitters

Gefran's "IMPACT" series are pressure transmitters without transmission fluid, for use in high temperature environments (350°C). The average pressure is transmitted directly to the sensitive silicon element through a thick diaphragm. The strain is processed by a silicon (MEMS) structure. These are piezoresistive transducers.

The latest "ILI" series with digital output "IO-Link" are intelligent devices specifically designed to meet the requirements of the "Industry 4.0" environment, with additional solutions to prevent machine downtime.

The main feature of "IMPACT" sensors is that they do not contain transmission fluid. The diaphragm that comes into contact with the process can be up to 15 times thicker than the diaphragm used in traditional alloy pressure sensors. Their performance level "d" makes them suitable for functional safety applications. The sensors are SIL2 compliant.

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