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ADV 200

Power range: 0,75-1500 kW

Power supply: 3 x 400V, 480V, 500V, 575V, 690V, 50/60Hz


Power range: 0.37kW to 7.5kW

Power supply: 3 x 400V…480V 50/60Hz

ADV 50

Power range: 0,4 – 11 kW

Power supply: 3 x 400V: 0,37kW – 11 kW
Power supply:  1 x 230V: 0,37kW – 2,2kW

Standards: CE, UL and cUL


Power range: 1,5 kW- 1,2 MW

3-phase power supply: 400 V –15%…500 V +5% 50/60 Hz ± 5%

Industrial drive inverters for the Water Treatment and HVAC sectors.

ADV200 cabinet solutions

Power range: 75-2000 kW

Power supply: 3x400V..3x500V…3x575V…3x690V

The ADV200 is a range of panel-mounted inverters designed as a compact, ready-for-use solution fully compatible with the maximum operating conditions of the drive.


iStart, 17-430A, 208-690V

providing the best solution for most applications.

RVS-DN ratings: 8 - 3000A, 220-1200V (1200V up to 820A)
The RVS-DN is a heavy duty, full featured Digital Low Voltage Soft Starter.

RVS-DX/M, ratings: 8 - 1100A, 220-600V (690V above 390A)
The RVS-DX/M is an advanced Digital Low Voltage Soft starter that is highly reliable
and provides a built-in bypass for the entire range.

RVS-AX ,ratings: 8 - 170A, 220-600V
The RVS-AX provides an optimal solution for small to medium size motors, with the simplicity of
analog control. Easy to install and operate, but with built in Current Limit and Motor Protection, the
RVS-AX is an ideal cost effective replacement for Star-Delta and Auto-Transformer type starters.


Solstart, ratings: 8 - 58A, 220-600V
The Solstart is a cost effective, compact soft starter.

We also offer:

Servo drives, motors DC and AC, sensors